We’re getting four more ‘Transformers’ sequels

We’re about to get a whole lot more of Transformers.

The announcement came from Hasbro Studios president Stephen Davis, who announced during a Q&A session at the MIP Junior Conference 2015 that Hasbro, along with Paramount Pictures, director Michael Bay, and writer Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind) finished up a 10 year plan expanding the Transformers film franchise.

“They plotted out the next 10 years of ‘Transformers,'” Davis said. “Similarly, we are doing the same in television and digital. So stay tuned: ‘Transformers 5’ is on its way. And 6. And 7. And 8.”

That’s it. I’m done.

– David Dunn

SOURCE: ComicBook.com, Cinemablend

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