Tom Cruise and Doug Liman Are Heading To Luna Park

Tom Cruise and Doug Liman are at it again.

The actor and director team collaborated on last year’s Edge of Tomorrow, which starred Cruise as an army major who gains the ability to respawn and relive experiences after being killed. The team’s second collaboration, Mena, stars Cruise as a former airline pilot turned drug smuggler, and is scheduled for release in January 2017. Now, they’re teaming up for their third project together called Luna Park, which functions as a science-fiction heist picture about a group of people who venture to the moon to steal a highly-valued energy source.

Luna Park has been a passion project of Liman’s for quite some time. Stuck in development since 2011, Luna Park was attracting names like Chris Evans and Andrew Garfield to the project and was originally green lit for release by Paramount. However, the project ended up going over budget and was eventually canned.

With Cruise now on board for the project, that helps the movie a lot with financing. His production company Cruise/Wagner has funded plenty of films that were box office successes in past years, including the Mission Impossible movies and 2012’s Jack Reacher. With Cruise on board as producer, that will definitely help get the track moving on Luna Park for Liman and Paramount.

No word yet on whether Cruise will star in the film too or not. Stay tuned for updates.

– David Dunn

SOURCE: Variety, Screenrant

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