Robert Downey Jr. Will Return As Iron Man For “The Avengers” 2 & 3

Whew.  You can breathe again, true believers.

It has been no secret now that for the past few months, Marvelites were worried about what would become of their favorite heroes for the upcoming Avengers sequel.  First, the release dates of Ant-Man and The Incredible Hulk sequel has been moved.  Then, the cast started complaining about their salary and contracts with the studio.  Finally, Robert Downey Jr. made a passing statement that he might discontinue being Iron Man, considering his contract ended after the release of his third movie among other things.

That update is now luckily old news, fellow readers.  Marvel studios announced earlier this morning on twitter that Robert Downey will, in fact, be returning as Iron Man in time for the release of The Avengers 2 & 3.  Their announcement can be seen in the image below:
Photo courtesy of Marvel Comics
I couldn’t be happier to hear about this.  Even though Downey Jr. was sort of like a brat in demanding the studio for $100 million and a cut of the box office profits earlier in May, I am happy in hearing that he will be returning.  He embodied the role to perfection.  The character couldn’t have been cast more perfectly, no character more faithfully adapted.  The only way you could continue it without him is by killing him off in the second movie with Don Cheadle taking his place as Rhodey.  But who wants to see that?

What do you guys think?  Should Marvel have gone a different direction with the Iron Man character or were they smart in bringing Downey Jr. back on for another two movies?

Comment below, let me know!

-David Dunn

Source: EMPIRE,, Twitter

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