“The Amazing Spiderman” Has Just Metamorphed From A Trilogy Into A Quartet.

Really?  We’re rushing into the sequels when the second one hasn’t even come out yet?  Is that what we’re doing?  Really?

Apparently so, and I’m not happy about that one bit.  With the release of The Amazing Spiderman 2 coming up in May of next year, Sony is planning on gearing up for more of the web-slinging web-head.  According to multiple sources, Sony has just announced the release dates of their next two Spider-man movies, which we’re going to call Spidey 3 & 4.  The Amazing Spider-man 3 will be released on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-man 4 will be released on May 4th, 2018.

My distaste for this could not be more scathing.  Fourth installments of movies (I’m going to call them Four-quels) typically are uninspired, lackluster movies, and normally don’t measure up to the greatness of the originals that inspired them.  There are a few minor exceptions: Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, for example, were excellent four-quels that helped expand on their already-extensive universes.  There are typically, however, more failures than successes.  Pirates of The Carribbean: On Stranger Tides.  Jaws: The Revenge.  Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull.  Do I even need to mention Batman and Robin?

On top of that, why are they so quick to rush into the sequels?  The Amazing Spider-man 2 doesn’t even have a trailer out yet.  I can understand why they’re anxious to explore more stories and villains in the Spider-man universe, but why are they so eager to rush into it when they don’t even know how the second one will fair yet?  Don’t they want to hold off for just a little bit until they get an idea of the audience’s reception?

Either way, it doesn’t matter.  Sequels are inevitable regardless.

What do you guys think?  Are you guys excited for the news, or are you like me and prefer more patience?  Comment below, let me know.

-David Dunn

Source: IGN, USA Today, Empire

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