Jon Favreau Is Remaking ‘The Lion King’

“The circle of life” should not apply to remakes.

Unfortunately, it does.

Walt Disney recently confirmed that they are doing a live-action remake of yet another Disney classic: The Lion King, to be directed by The Jungle Book director Jon Favreau.


Just no.




I am so distraught by this for many reasons. The Lion King is a masterpiece. Period. No criticisms, no complaints, no improvements, no areas that it’s lacking in. It is flawless by definition, trailing slightly behind other Disney masterpieces such as Pinocchio and Beauty and the Beast. There is zero purpose behind remaking it. Remaking The Lion King would be as ridiculous as rebooting Toy Story. There is no reason for it. None.

“It’s for the visual effects,” you might say. As visual as the original? Animated films has proven time and time again that they can compete with CGI-heavy blockbuster films. If the opening shots of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King has proven anything, it has shown that they can have as much depth and perplexion as a live shot. It just depends on the details you give them.

Yes, they can do a live-action remake of The Lion King, but what visual improvements can be made beyond the original? Literally all that would change would be making it two-dimensional to three-dimensional, which in itself is a silly goal to aspire to considering the original already had a few three-dimensional shots. I’m just utterly confused and disturbed by this development. I don’t see a shred of genuine reason why it needs to be remade. It all just seems like a cash cow reigning in on a classic.

I’ll play the devil’s advocate for two things: Walt Disney and Jon Favreau. The Lion King will be the fifth film to be remade for live action, joining a class including Cinderella, Pete’s Dragon, and of course, The Jungle Book. All of them have fared well with audiences so far with the exception of Beauty and the Beast, which stars Emma Watson and comes out next year. Jon Favreau, as well, is a great visual and experiential director. He has subverted expectations time and time again, including 2008’s Iron Man, 2011’s Cowboys and Aliens, and more recently The Jungle Book remake. I expect him to make a good film out of The Lion King. I just assert that it’s extremely unnecessary.

Details will come soon on The Lion King’s planned release date and cast. Until then, I’m going to be singing Hakuna MataNAH.

– David Dunn

SOURCE: The Walt Disney Company

One thought on “Jon Favreau Is Remaking ‘The Lion King’

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