Rod Needs Some Help From A Woman

I had a few thoughts while reading Rod Liddle’s editorial in The Sun about Emma Watson delivering a speech to the UN this past Saturday. She was talking about feminine equality.

Rod: Hermoine Granger has been addressing the United Nations General Assembly. Nope, not kidding.

Me: Who else is more qualified to address the UN? Ron Weasley?

Rod: The actress Emma Watson is a UN “Goodwill Ambassador”. What’s that, when it’s at home? I haven’t a clue.

Me: If you haven’t a clue, then you probably shouldn’t be talking about it in the first place. Just a thought.

Rod: Anyway, instead of telling them all the rules of quidditch or how to turn someone into a frog, she bored them all rigid with whining, leftie, PC crap.

Me: I thought Emma Watson was talking to the UN, not Hillary Clinton?

Rod: Just like all actresses do if people are stupid enough to give them the chance.

Me: I think the same applies to newspaper reporters.

Rod: Why do we indulge these luvvie slebs, most of whom know nowt?

Me: I believe the correct spelling is “naught.”

Rod: I don’t object to them having views and expressing them. I just don’t understand why we take them seriously.

Me: See note above luvvie slebs.

Rod: I suppose they got Emma in because Angelina Jolie is a bit tied up with other stuff at the moment.

Me: At least her divorce went down better than yours did.

And then I closed the window. If you can’t spell “naught” right, your opinion isn’t worth reading in the first place. Rod should have a woman spellcheck his writing before he publishes his next article.

– David Dunn

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