The Story Behind The Story

I hate blogging. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I hate social media. I hate the internet. I hate anything having to do with artificial conversation, because it isn’t actual conversation. It’s a few striking of the keys, then hitting “SEND”, “ENTER”, “RETURN” or anything else that you use on your MAC, PC, Dell, whatever. Yet, despite how much I hate how technology and how the internet has twisted our way of communication, I find it oddly ironic at how inseparable I am to my own website, my own striking of the keys, and my own selfish pleasure every time I hit “SEND”, “ENTER”, or “RETURN.”

I started three years ago, against the discretion of my publications director who said I should wait. Wait for what? Harry Knowles didn’t wait to start  Kellvin Chavez didn’t wait to start, which broke major news on a lot of Hollywood releases, including reviewing the script to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. Even Jackson Murphy didn’t wait to become the kid critic before he made

My point in saying this is that I couldn’t wait. The danger was “waiting” slowly becoming “never.” So I did it. I built, designed, and published through a WordPress account, which I recommend to any starting writer or blogger that is wanting to get their name out there. The experience of maintaining and publishing through this platform is one that has truly changed my life.

I find it truly ironic that for the guy who hates the internet, he finds true pleasure and happiness through immersing himself in a part of it. I’ll say it again: I hate the internet. I didn’t get a Facebook account until 2010, after The Social Network came out. I didn’t get a Twitter until I got my first writing job at I later wrote an apology letter to my Twitter for my neglecting it for so long. I just recently got my first Instagram for my social media strategies class. Let’s not even go there.

So why is it that for a guy who doesn’t understand social platforming, will happily surround himself in it when it comes to his website? It’s selfish reasoning, I suppose. I’ve always loved movies. I love the power, the influence, and the emotion they can carry with them, and I love talking about that power, that influence, and that emotion. It’s not like my opinion is special. There are hundreds of other critics you can read on Rotten Tomatoes, or Metacritic, or iMDB if you want to.

Post-script: Go to iMDB. It’s the most reliable and accurate because they combine and average critics reviews equally with audience reviews, not like Rottentomatoes or Metacritic where they separate the reviews.

But the joy I experience while writing is not the attention I receive through it. It’s the discussion part of it, the part where I get to freely discuss movies and entertainment and put my own opinion out there in this vast landscape where opinions and views are forever changing.

I realized this when I sat down to write my first assignment for my social media strategies class. Movie reviews was an option for writing material on the prompt. I decided against doing that for my first one, even though I was working on two other reviews and an editorial piece prior to doing this assignment. Before I typed a word, before I logged into WordPress, before I even opened my computer, I realized the wonderful blessing of this gift I had before me: the gift to write, connect, and engage with an audience that I would never have had access to prior to making this website.

All of these epiphanies hit me right before I was going to turn in my original assignment. And so before I continue to write, connect, and engage, I felt it best to pay homage to the platform that allows me to do all of these wonderful things on it. Life is meaningless without purpose. Striking a few keys on a Macbook, then hitting “SEND”, “ENTER”, or “RETURN” has given me all the meaning that I’ll need for quite some time.

– David Dunn

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