David Ayer Has Recruited His ‘Suicide Squad’

UPDATE 12/17:

Actress Viola Davis has been confirmed in the role of Amanda Waller, the woman who recruited and founded the Suicide Squad.


A marksman shooter. A madman and his lover. A military ex officer in peak condition. A criminal with a unique weapon. A master sorceress. And the mastermind behind it all.

These are the characters that will be appearing in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, the upcoming anti-hero film releasing and taking place after the events of Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. With the cast list releasing earlier today, many are hungry to know who are the supervillains in the Suicide Squad and who will be portraying whom. Here are the biggest names attached to star in the film:

Deadshot: Will Smith

Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie

The Joker: Jared Leto

Rick Flagg: Tom Hardy

Boomerang: Jai Courtney

Enchantress: Cara Delevingne

Few things to note on these casting decisions, especially with Jared Leto. Months ago, there was much speculation over whether Leto was going to portray the Joker in Suicide Squad or not, then a few weeks after that he dropped a tease to the role by quoting Tyler Durgan from Fight Club. Now, the speculation is no more: Leto is going to become the Joker.

For me, I’m okay with this decision because Leto has proven himself to be a versatile, daring actor, taking on challenging and intimidating roles many actors wouldn’t have dared to take and succeeding in his portrayal of each of them. He has gone from playing a drug addict in Requiem of a Dream, to a serial killer in Chapter 27, to his Academy award-winning performance as a transvestite AIDS victim in Dallas Buyers Club. He has proven time and time again that he can do diversifying roles, and I’m confident he will prove that again by portraying the Joker in Suicide Squad.

My problem with his casting is only this: why is the Joker even in Suicide Squad? For one thing, the Joker was never a member of the original team in the comics. Secondly, just like the issue with Ben Affleck as Batman, people are going to pull the comparison game. And who are they going to compare Jared Leto’s Joker to? That’s right: Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight.

I’m not saying that the Joker shouldn’t be in the movie, and I’m not saying that Leto shouldn’t try as the Joker. I am saying that having the Joker in this movie at the moment feels misplaced, and unless screenwriter Justin Marks has a solid plan for him in the movie (i.e., either have him as the antagonist or as a supporting character intended to mock the Suicide Squad), I don’t think he should be included. The Joker isn’t necessarily a “team player”, and he usually double-crosses the people he works with, so it’s a matter of how he’s written for the film that matters the most.

The casting for the rest of the film is sound. I’m a big fan of Will Smith, and I’m excited to know that he’ll be playing one of the most prominent members in Deadshot. Margot Robbie has proven her talent as an actor in last year’s Wolf Of Wall Street, and I’m excited to see her let loose and portray a crazy, wild character in Harley Quinn. It is strange to see Tom Hardy in the cast listing, especially in regards to his earlier DC role as The Dark Knight Rises villain Bane. But seeing that he is playing Rick Flagg, an ex-military man who goes mad after the assumed death of his teammates on a mission, I can see him as a natural choice in this role in relation to his past roles in movies such as Lawless, Inception, and Black Hawk Down. He will be a natural fit within the team.

The only roles I’m concerned about are Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne. First of all, who is Cara? She is a lesser known actress who is set to appear in upcoming films Paper Towns and Pan. I can’t speak on her chops as an actor, but knowing that her character is the only supernatural one out of this list, I know she has a challenge ahead of her in portraying Enchantress.

Courtney just concerns me. He’s only been in a handful of roles recently, most notably as a overly-macho goon in Jack Reacher, as John McClane’s son in the incredibly disappointing A Good Day To Die Hard, and as a Gargoyle warrior in I, Frankenstein. I’ve seen three of his performances in three movies, and all of them have been terrible. I can’t see him performing any differently in this movie, especially when he’s playing a character as ridiculous as Captain Boomerang.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for your Suicide Squad, or should these actors (or characters) be knocked off in exchange for others? Comment below, let me know.

– David Dunn

Source: Moviefone, Deadline

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