Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are ‘Nice Guys’

Trust me; these are the not the nice guys you want to mess with.

Casting has recently been announced for Shane Black’s 1970’s neo-noir thriller Nice Guys: Ryan Gosling is set to star in the film as private Holland March, a troubled, headstrong detective who clashed in with hired muscle Jackson Healy, scheduled to be portrayed by Crowe.

“Ever since we did ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’, I’ve been eager to work with Shane again, and with this film we made it happen,” said producer Joel Silver in a statement by Variety. “It’s a terrific script written in Shane’s great cinematic voice. With Russell and Ryan on board, I know we’re in for another wild ride.”

Man, does Shane Black have a lot on his plate. I knew from reporting earlier this summer that Black was scheduled to write and direct the Predators sequel, but man, does he have a lot more to do than just that. He’s also slated to helm the adaptation for Doc Savage and The Destroyer by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. No official dates have been set for these films, but keep in mind that he is currently scheduled to write and direct all four of these movies, starting with Nice Guys to be released sometime in 2016.

He has to give something up. He has to produce one of these and throw the director’s duty to someone else. There’s no way he can see all of this through. Even the most skilled directors have difficulty producing multiple projects at once, like Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson did. Granted, they did release War Horse, The Adventures of Tintin, and The Hobbit series consecutively, but keep in mind they were working on production for all of those films cumulatively back, to back, to back.

I don’t care how talented Shane Black is as a writer and as a director. There’s no way he can pull of four films in a four year period. Even he would get exhausted.

What do you guys think? Are you thinking Black is loading himself on a little thick here? I’m fine with the casting choices, as both of them always deliver a good mix of solid work, but the acting doesn’t matter if the material isn’t handled well. And with how much Black has stocked on his shoulders, I’m a little concerned that he might crumble.

Comment below, let me know.

-David Dunn

SOURCE: Empire, Cinemablend

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