Fox Misfires With “Mrs. Doubtfire 2”

Well, I know a lot of families who are not going to be happy about this nanny returning.

Details emerged yesterday regarding a superficial sequel to which no one thought would be happening. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox 2000 is producing a sequel to the highly-revered family-comedy Mrs. Doubtfire, a story about an irresponsible parent who disguises himself as a female nanny to spend more with the time with his children while at the same time avoiding suspicions by his ex-wife. Director Chris Columbus is set to return along with Robin Williams, and Elf scribe David Berenbaum is set to penn the screenplay. 

Where the heck did this come from? Years ago, there were talks of a sequel, but nothing was ever fully set into motion. According to a quote director Chris Columbus said earlier regarding the project:

“‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ is an interesting idea for a sequel because its the one time in film history where you can revisit the character and they’ll be the same 15 years later. Because of the make-up, people can see Mrs. Doubtfire again and nothing has changed about her, which I think is kind of interesting.” 

Yeah, but is it really necessary? The original was released in 1993, the year I was born. I’m 21. This movie probably isn’t coming out for a few more years due to production and post-production issues. So by the time this movie comes out, it will most likely be two decades old. Is that really the sequel we really want? One that’s coming out 24 years after the original? Do we really need that?

Who am I kidding, no sequel is inherently necessary. They’re just made so some money-mongering Hollywood pioneer can get a second jab at his annual paycheck. I’m not necessarily peeved that the sequel is coming out (lord knows Robin Williams was hilarious pretending to be an old lady), but why is this coming out so late? Are they really going to try and milk this cow, even though it expired years ago?

Ehh. I’ll keep following up for updates, including release dates and other cast members on the project (we don’t know if Sally Fields is returning or not), but for the moment, all you need to know is that this movie is happening, and an unnecessary one at that.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Robin Williams’ return as lady Doubtfire? Or do you want him to leave her makeup and costume in the closet?

Comment below, let me know.

-David Dunn

Source: Screenrant, The Hollywood Reporter

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