“Bourne” To Be “Fast & Furious”

Brilliant. Have an already exhausted franchise revitalized by the guy who brought us Fast And Furious. Just brilliant.

News broke recently about the upcoming untitled Bourne sequel starring Jeremy Renner. Before you ask, no, Matt Damon is still not in it, so I don’t know why its still being called “Bourne” anything, but nevermind. A director has been selected for the project, and it is japanese filmmaker Justin Lin, director of the last four Fast And Furious movies.

Full announcement by Deadline below:

“Justin Lin will direct the sequel to the Tony Gilroy-directed ‘The Bourne Legacy’, the pic that kicked off storyline of Aaron Cross, the character played by Jeremy Renner.”

Are you freaking kidding me.

First of all, I’m not a fan of any of the Fast And Furious movies, so don’t even get my opinion on that yet. My concern is the vast difference in the series’ sense of style. The Fast And Furious movies are hyped-up, preposterous, adrenaline and testosterone-fueled action blockbusters filled with big explosions, beautiful women and slick cars. Nothing wrong with that, but how the blazes can this relate to the Bourne franchise? The Bourne movies were birthed as smart, slick, intelligent and tensly-knit psychiological thrillers, with some action scenes thrown into the mix of deep and thought-provoking stories. Where, in a list of directors that includes Doug Liman, Paul Greengrass and Tony Gilroy (P.S. You suck), did they think a director such as Justin Lin was the right choice for the next Bourne movie?

I’m major OCD-ing this, I know, but this announcement just flusters me. I’m going to be open-minded when this movie comes out, but until then I’m just waiting for the announcment that Paul Walker will be cast as Jason Bourne (please God, don’t let me jinx it).

What do you think? Yes or no to Justin Lin? His last two Fast and Furious movies were the only ones certified fresh on Rottentomatoes and have overall recieved praise from mainstream audiences, so Lin has that to be proud of. He just doesn’t have much praise from me is all.

-David Dunn

SOURCE: Empire, Deadline

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