Jackie Robi– I Mean, Chadwick Boseman, Will Become James Brown In Biography Picture

Fans of the home-run hit 42, prepare to be excited.  It was announced earlier this morning that Chadwick Boseman, the little-known actor that landed the knockout role as Jackie Robinson in 42 is set to portray R&B and soul legend James Brown in an upcoming biographical picture.  Announcement by Variety is below:

Universal and Imagine Entertainment have greenlit the long-gestating James Brown biopic after tapping “42″ star Chadwick Boseman to play the legendary artist known as the “godfather of soul.”  Several actors were vying for the role, but Boseman emerged as the top choice a few weeks ago, though no offer could be made until the pic was formally greenlit.

Anyone who has seen 42 has reason to be excited: Boseman was masterful in the role as Robinson, equal parts affectionate and charismatic as the game-changing black baseball player.  I wrote in my review of the picture that Boseman “inhabits the role so well that it is impossible to think of anyone else replacing him… Jamie Foxx couldn’t have done better than Boseman did.” I still hold by that statement, and I still believe that he is a developing talent to be reckoned with.  I’m going to look forward to his performance in this film with great interest, hoping that Boseman will do the same thing to Brown and music as he did with Robinson and Baseball.

On a flip note, the production team behind the picture has been announced as well.  Screenwriters John and Jez Henry Buttersworth are set to write the screenplay (With the duo having collaborated on 2010’s Fair Game starring Naomi Watts), produced by Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind, Friday Night Lights) and to be directed by Tate Taylor, writer-director of the 2011 audience favorite The Help.  Even though I have yet to see Fair Game, I have loved all of the films that this team has both produced and directed, and I don’t think the James Brown movie could be in better hands.

What do you guys think?  Are you excited for the team put together for James Brown’s biopic?  Or do you wish someone else were to be included instead?  Another casting option perhaps?

Whatever your opinions, comment below, let me know.

-David Dunn

Source: Variety, Cinemablend

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