DC Will Be “Flash”ing Into Theaters Right After The “Superman/Batman” Movie

As if one heart attack wasn’t enough already today.

Shortly after an announcement was made earlier yesterday that a Superman/Batman team-up movie was released, another announcement came out that two other groundbreaking DC superhero movies will join both caped crusaders: a Flash movie, aimed for a tentative 2016 release date, and The Justice League, to be released sometime in 2017.  The report from the Huffington post is below:

“…the “Justice League” movie would follow both the Superman-Batman combo hit and the Flash film, which is slated for 2016. That likely puts those clamoring for “Justice League” facing a 2017 debut for superhero posse film.”

I’m up for this.  In the small tidbit of media I’ve seen him in, the Flash has always been a charismatic, charming, and gleefully immature hero that can bring the same crass and sarcasm to the screen as Robert Downey Jr. did for Iron Man.  You have to cast him right, but that’s another thing entirely.  I will be looking forward to this release, as well as The Justice League to quickly follow suite years later?

Agree?  Disagree?  The presence of the Justice League is quickly coming together, but whether fans will enjoy or appreciate that is yet to be seen.  Either way, let me know by commenting below.

-David Dunn

Source: Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter

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