Danny Huston is “Big-Eyeing” Tim Burton’s Newest Feature Film

It looks like Tim Burton’s newest project is moving forward quite efficiently.  The Hollywood Reporter recently announced that Tim Burton’s production company is looking to add actor Danny Huston to its cast for Burton’s newest feature Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

If you don’t know who Danny Huston is, you should.  He has portrayed a wide variety of both supporting and villainous roles in a collection of history biopics, including Jack Frye in Martin Scorcese’s The Aviator, Richard the Lionheart in Robin Hood, and Chief Prosecutor Joseph Holt in Robert Redford’s political film The Conspirator.  Sure, he sunk briefly by starring opposite of Hugh Jackman in the dismal and lifeless X-men Origins: Wolverine, but that is neither here nor there.  The guy is a great actor.

And to star opposite of Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz?  Aka, the Oscar-nominated performers who were recognized in movies like Doubt, The Fighter, Inglorious, and Django Unchained?  Now you can’t tell me you’re not excited for this.

At the same time though, some people have been wary of Tim Burton’s recent career, and I’d agree with them.  Although he has mainly been a success with movies like Alice In Wonderland and Frankenweenie, we have to remember he also made Dark Shadows and helped produce movies like 9 and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Uggghhhhhh…..

Despite this, I have confidence in his newest project.  This is based on the true story of Margaret Keene, an artist who broke mainstream success in the 1950’s-60’s for her paintings putting emphasis on the big eyes of her subjects, but her husband Walter took credit and compensation for the paintings she produced.  Waltz is set to portray Walter and Adams is set to portray Margaret.  Huston’s role has not been announced as of yet.

That being said, I’m excited for this movie.

What do you guys think though?  Are you on board for this cast and this project?  Or could you not care less on what Tim Burton is doing?

Comment below, let me know!

-David Dunn

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, ComingSoon.Net

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